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This is our new integrated version that has been created to better communicate how UK visas operate in SA. Ultimately the purposes of these websites is to communicate which visa best suits your intent and that Move Up is best able to assist you in a successful application. With this in mind, we encourage you to contact us with any visa questions you might have.

How to apply for UK visas

Step 1 of 3: Visa eligibility

There are over 30 unique types of UK visas which South Africans can apply for. To determine which visa meets your intent, it is in your best interest that you first contact Move Up to begin getting your UK visa needs solved.

Move Up ( www.moveup.co.za ) operate under a standard full case fee refund guarantee, that in the unlikely event of not being awarded your visa first time round, their case fee will be refunded in full. No hidden administration costs for offering solutions that don't work.

Call 021 761 4608 to discuss your visa options. Alternatively for more information, you can email info@moveup.co.za. For technical visa queries, you can email guru@moveup.co.za.

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Move Up offer a "Free UK Visa Assessment".

In just 4 quick questions, Move Up can help identify a visa that best suits your intent. Quick and instant solution to help identify visa qualifying criteria.

If you would like to find out more about the technicalities and timing, it is in your best interest to contact Move Up.

Step 2 of 3: Secure an Internet appointment

Included in Move Up's visa representation is internet based applications which are done on your behalf. Making the travel experience that much easier.

It is compulsory for all applications lodged in South Africa to complete this online application form (paper based applciations are no longer accepted). Once the online application is submitted you can secure a visa appointment.

Click here to start your online application now.

Please also note: Payment for the UK visa is only done on the visa4uk.fco.gov website. No other form of visa payment is accepted in South Africa. If you have been told to make payment through MoneyGram you are most likely being scammed.

Step 3 of 3: Hand in your supporting documents

"Who is Teleperformance?" you might ask. Teleperformance have been appointed to handle the front of house for the British High Commission in Pretoria, formally known as "commercial agency" who handle the UK's Visa Application Centres. They are a glorified courier service that receive passports and visa applications on the British High Commission's behalf.

It is important for South Africans to realise that they have no bearing on the final outcome of the visas approval. Teleperformance are only responsible for sending the application to Pretoria. They do have the tendency to make applicants second guess their application and should not be taken seriously.

More details regarding Teleperformance can be found on our Visa Application Centres page.

How much does the visa cost?

There are more than 30 different types of visas. To find out how much your intended visa is going to cost, click here

Documents needed to apply for UK visas

Each application requires different supporting documents. Each applicant also has an individual background, which in turn, must comply with the specified Immigration Law.

Please note: Further information regarding supporting documents can be found on the following page: Supporting Documents

Need help with identifying documents?

Move Up offers visa solutions to South Africans nationally and internationally. Thanks to technology in the first half of 2012, Move Up has successfully represented local clients in each province as well as South Africans living in Dubai, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia. This confirms their ability to assist South Africans anywhere in the world.

This also means Move Up can help applicants in Johannesberg, P.E and Durban easily.

The key to Move Up's success is that each application is acknowledged as unique and this enables Move Up to mend your individual needs with UK Immigration law.

The Entry Clearance officers in Pretoria are known to actually forward Move Up as a preferred service provider and this highly recommended South African visa assistance service should say it all when it comes to UK visas.

When it comes to helping South Africans in their visa applications, Move Up walk candidates through the technical requirements to meet the British High Commission's Entry Clearance team's expectations.

How long does it take to be issued?

Generally the UK visa's takes 15 working days to be issued, once submitted with Teleperformance. In some cases it may even take 10 working days. The time consuming factor is gathering the correct supporting evidence.

Where to apply for the visa?

South Africans have to first contact Move Up to confirm their eligibility, thereafter an online application is uploaded in order to secure an appointment at the applicant's local Teleperformance. Thereafter applicants have to submit their qualifying supporting documents with their passport in person at their local Teleperformance centre.

Telperformance centres are referred to as "Visa Application Centres" by the UKBA and are located around the country. These Visa Application Centres operate on an appointment basis only.

For more information about Visa Application Centres in your province, select below:

Select your province by clicking on the map above or links below:

- Western Cape

- Gauteng
- KwaZulu Natal
- Eastern Cape
- Free State
- Northern Cape
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- Limpopo
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