Step 7: How to apply

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How to apply for UK visas

This page explains how the British government approaches UK visa administration and who you need to deal with to get your UK visa. South Africans can either make use of agency assistance or apply directly with the UKVI. Move Up offers expert agency assistance for those who find this information helpful. Alternatively, South Africans not looking for agency assistance need to apply online first.

The reality is that this process is more complex than many like to admit, and it is administratively challenging to say the least.

The British government and its UK Visas and Immigration department are trying to run a legally secure control of their border. They are faced with making thousands of decisions a day and are responsible for keeping their country safe and secure.

Hopefully, by now, you have found this helpful website, especially in breaking down the complex nature of the administration expectations and addressing the frequent 12 stages of questions that we (Move Up) face when dealing with applicants.

This step (7 of 12) addresses the question: “how does a South African apply for a UK visa?”

It doesn’t (and can’t) answer the question: “how does a South African apply for a specific UK visa?” because of the varying requirements for each visa. So many different types of UK visas, each with different expectations.

Therefore, this page serves as a generalised summary of the whole process (instead of a complex and specific solution – which Move Up’s consultants offer).

To recap, by now, you have identified a UK visa you would like to qualify for (step 1). You have also confirmed your travel documents are in order (valid passport etc. – step 2). Then you acknowledge the processing times and that your travel dates are feasible (step 3).

You acknowledge the initial visa cost (step 4) and confirm that you do indeed qualify for the identified visa (step 5). You know where to apply (step 6), and now we need to know “how to apply?”.

Applicable now are the following:

Visa eligibility

There are over 30 unique types of UK visas that South Africans can apply for. To determine which visa meets your intent, it is in your best interest that you first contact Move Up to begin getting your UK visa needs solved.

Move Up ( ) operates under a standard full case fee refund guarantee, that in the unlikely event of not being awarded your visa the first time around, their case fee will be refunded in full. No hidden administration costs for offering solutions that don’t work.

Call 021 761 4608 to discuss your visa options. Alternatively, for more information, you can email For technical visa queries, you can email

Secure an Internet appointment

Process Online Application.

Included in Move Up‘s visa representation are internet-based applications which are done on your behalf. Making the travel experience that much easier.

It is compulsory for all applications lodged in South Africa to complete this online application form (paper-based applications are no longer accepted). Once the online application is submitted, you can secure a visa appointment.

Click here to start your online application now. This applies to independent submissions (independent of Move Up’s help).

Please note: Payment for the UK visa is only done on the website. No other form of visa payment is accepted in South Africa. If you have been told to make payment through MoneyGram you are most likely being scammed.

“Who is Teleperformance?” you might ask. Teleperformance has been appointed to handle the front of the house for the British High Commission in Pretoria, formally known as the “commercial agency” that handles the UK’s Visa Application Centres. They are a glorified courier service that receives passports and visa applications on the British High Commission’s behalf.

South Africans need to realise that they have no bearing on the outcome of the visa’s approval. Teleperformance is only responsible for sending the application to Pretoria. They do tend to make applicants second guess their application and should not be taken seriously.

More details regarding Teleperformance can be found on our Visa Application Centres page.

How can I call Teleperformance?

Folks, we get this question daily. It is natural to want to talk to the UK government about your visa requirements. Locally though, Teleperformance does not facilitate call-in queries.

The next step (Step 8 of 12) is: Who To Apply With?.

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Contact Move Up

If you have any further visa-related questions, call +27(0) 21 761 4608 now.

Alternatively, email for general visa inquiries.