Step 9: Supporting Documents

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Documents needed for UK visa applications

What supporting documents are needed?

The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself “what is the Entry Clearance Officer looking for?”


– Passport and 2x passport photo’s
– Flight bookings
– UK accommodation arrangements

Please note: Move Up takes no responsibility for applicants who only submit the above supporting documents. For more detail and clarification in the exact supporting documents needed relevant specifically to your application, please email

Technical aspect

Different visas require different supporting evidence. Usually applicants have to show that they have sufficient supporting funds to cover the expenses occured in their travels.

Taking into consideration that each person has unique backgrounds, the UK has implemented Immigration law which specifies qualifying criteria that each applicant needs to adhere too.

In South Africa, we have Entry Clearance Officers based in Pretoria who process the supporting documents and make decisions based on the balance of probabilities. This means that the Entry Clearance Officers have to decide on applicants success based on the information provided in the visa application. Therefore supplying the correct information is key to obtaining a successful result.

To find out more information about Immigration law, click here to go to the UKVI (Department of UK Visas and Immigration) website.

Need assistance?

If you find that this visa information too much to digest and if you are looking for a trouble free application, you should contact Move Up’s team of UK visa experts.

Phone: 021 761 4608
Office hours are Mon – Fri (9am-4pm). Closed on public holidays. For needed face to face consultations, operating on an appointment basis only.

Please Note: Move Up are currently Cape Town based and provide visa assistance for South Africans both nationally and internationally. In the year 2012 Move Up helped South Africans in all 9 provinces as well as South Africans in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia and Australia.

This means even if you are not in Cape Town, we can definitely help in your UK visa application. No matter where in the world you are.

OK, documents ready, the next step is to hand in the application and supporting documents. Applicants have to attend an appointment in person (third party submission on applicants behalf not permitted – even for second time submissions).

Applicants need to hand in their biometrics (finger prints and eye scan).

How do Move Up help in UK visa applications?

Good question. I am glad you asked it. Move Up offer the needed “Know How” when it comes to UK visa applications.

By offering visa representation, Move Up act on behalf of applicants to ensure that all the UKVI’s visa criteria are met. The key to Move Up’s visa success is simply limiting the grounds of dismissal. This in turn works towards successful outcomes.

South Africans that make use of Move Up’s industry leading solution tend to follow the following 15 stages (standard practice):

Stage 1 – The applicant expresses interest in applying for UK visa.

Stage 2 – Move Up assesses if the applicant can qualify and then offers representation.

Stage 3 – The applicant appoints Move Up as their visa representative.

Stage 4 – Move Up then supplies the applicant with questionnaire, checklist, templates and examples.

Stage 5 – The applicant then gathers the required supporting documents and completes the questionnaire.

Stage 6 – The applicant then send through copies (either through scan and email, fax or couriered copies).

Stage 7 – Move Up proof reads and addresses the case as a whole – limiting any grounds of dismissal.

Stage 8 – Move Up completes the online application, the appendix and any other relevant applicants that need to be addressed.

Stage 9 – Move Up emails the applicant the completed application forms.

Stage 10 – The applicant then prints the final application forms and includes with their gathered documents.

Stage 11 – The applicant then attends an appointment at their local application centre in person (to hand in their passport, finger prints and supporting documents).

Stage 12 – The application centre then places the documents into a parcel. The parcel is then couriered to Pretoria, where a decision is made based on the paper work supplied.

Stage 13 – Once the Pretoria ECOs award the visa, they place the passport (with visa inside) back into a parcel and courier it back to the application centre.

Stage 14 – The applicant should get emailed to confirm that the application is ready for collect.

Stage 15 – The applicant collects their application (with all supporting documents returned along with visa and passport).

If this solution sounds right for you, we encourage you to contact Move Up now.

Further information about the application process can be found here:

The next step (Step 10 of 12) is: UK Visa Appointment.

Contact Move Up

If you have any further visa related questions, call +27(0) 21 761 4608 now.

Alternatively email for general visa inquiries.

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