Step 11: The Wait

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Now that you have handed in your application, this step in the application is where many get an uneasy feeling of “have I done it right?

Based on our experience, having helped thousands of families through this process, we highly recommend not worrying.

We have witnessed clients who have worried and we have witness clients that have not. In either case, we have concluded that worrying solved nothing. If anything, it made the transaction unpleasant.

Fortunately, Teleperformance has made tracking of the process available. Click here to follow through to the Teleperformance website.

The British government have also done a great job and have put together a way that applicants can be what the recent processing times have been like. This serves to create a realistic expectation as to how long it will take for the visa to be processed. Further details of the British governments recent processing times can be found here.


A friendly travel tip, instead of checking each day, to see if the tracking facility has been updated, we recommend that applicants set a reminder for the date that it is meant to be awarded and then to move on with life.

That way, time is not wasted on worrying or checking.


After the wait and you have hopefully received the email that says “a decision has been made” – with no further details of the outcome (standard practice) – the next step is to go and collect your application.


The next step (Step 12 of 12) is: Collection of visa.

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