Step 2: Travel Documents

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At this point, South Africans frequently make the mistake to beginning to prioritize flight costs. It is recommended that applicants not worry about flights though. Not until their visas are awarded.

Based on our experience, we have witnessed that many neglect to consider the validity of the passports. If not the validity of their passport, the amount of pages available for visa stamps (for frequent travelers).

Another important travel document that often catches South Africans (when its too late) relates to birth or marriage certificates.

For this step, we simply recommend addressing the following:

  • Passport validity (check when the South African passport will/has expired).
    • Minimum 6 months validity required – based on the date of submission.
  • Passport blank pages (check if there are a minimum of 2 consecutive blank pages inside the passport).
  • Birth certificates (full birth certificates are required for minors).
    • Emphasis is placed on government issued FULL birth certificates.
    • “Abridged” birth certificates are not recognized for international travel purposes.
  • Marriage certificate (for South Africans looking to claim travel benefits with EU or UK visa holders).

If your passports are valid (and have sufficient blank pages) and your remaining certificates are in order, you can consider the ability to easily travel more feasible.

If however applicants are lacking one of the above documents, based on our invaluable experience, we would need to conclude that immediate travel is not feasible and that applicants should not make any further travel arrangements. Not until the above is resolved.

Further to this, based on our experience, we recommend that flights should be only considered after the visa has been issued. Those that purchase flights before visa often experience the most stressful travel transaction.

The next step is to address the expected processing times of issuing the visa. This step is the second last step in determining travel feasibility. After this, we move into more practical aspects of the visa application. Such as costs, where, who and how to apply.

The next step (Step 3 of 12) is: Initial Processing Times.

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