Step 4: UK Visa Fees

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Payment of the UK visa fees.

The British government has setup a system where South Africans can only pay for their UK visas directly on the website. It is important to note that the British government does not accept any other form of payment. Therefore EFT, cash deposit or moneygram are not acceptable means of paying for UK visas.

What are the UK visa fees for?

The UK government justifies the UK visa fees as a charge for their administration handling fee. The visa fees in South Africa fluctuate on a monthly “consular” basis in South Africa (which is usually an inflated price to cover the British government from making a loss in exchange rate fluctuations). It is also then important to note that the British government does not apply the applicable daily exchange rate – frequent question raised.

Visitor – Business or Tourism.

Transit – Short stop over.

Birth Rights – UK born relatives.

Student– Full time studies.

Family Dependency– Immediate family members.

Highly Valued Migrants– Investors and Entrepreneurs.

Skilled Migrants– UK Work Permit.

Temporary Work– Charity and Religious Workers.

Full Refund Guarantee

Move Up is currently the only visa company that offers a full refund guarantee. This guarantee works on the principle that in the unlikely event of an applicant not being awarded their visa first time round after being represented by Move Up, their Move Up case fee will be refunded in full.

There are no hidden costs or motivation to take on as many applications as possible.

Now that we have addressed the visa cost, the next step is to confirm that the visa qualifying requirements can be met. Too often South Africans think that simply identifying which UK visa they need is all that is required to proceed.

Meeting the visa qualifying requirements dictates feasibility and timing of submission (it is the most important element in these UK visa applications).

The next step (Step 5 of 12) is: Qualifying Requirements.

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