UK Visa Costs for Married Like Dependency

Understanding the Different UK Visas for South Africans

Are you considering moving to the UK to be with your partner who is a British passport holder or has a UK working visa? You may have heard of the term “spousal visa,” which is commonly used in South Africa to refer to a visa that allows married like dependency on a partner in the UK. However, the term is informal and can be misleading as there are different UK visas that South Africans can apply for depending on their specific situation.

To help you understand the different UK visas available for married like dependency, we have created a spreadsheet that lists the UK Government visa fee, Move Up case fee, IHS compulsory contribution, cross-border bank fee, and the total cost for each visa type. 

At Move Up, we understand that navigating the UK immigration system can be overwhelming. Our industry-leading immigration consultants can help you determine which visa type is most appropriate for your situation and assist you with the application process from start to finish. With our team of experienced immigration consultants and lawyers, you can have peace of mind that your application is in good hands.

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